Friday, March 25, 2011

Precious Metals...


I just checked out my daily email from Anthro, and much to my very pleasant surprise - new jewelry!! Their Metal Works collection is frankly fabulous, and I have already added several pieces to my cart, including the "Chifforobe Earrings" in Gold, (second row, middle) and the "Galacia Tower Rings"before they sell out!!! I love the colors and textures in this collection - like miniature pieces of art... well some, not so miniature. These are such great pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, and the easiest way to re-vamp your look for less! Check out the above pieces and a lot more here!

Friday, March 18, 2011


It seems as if the majority of America, as well as my friends and family, are all having babies RIGHT NOW, or about to, or in the process of, and so I guess you could say I have babies on the brain.
Well one of my best pals is currently expecting a little girl in August, and has asked my help in designing her baby room. I'm really excited to help out, I just hope I can help her with HER ideas, and not go to town with my own!!! If I were having a baby right now, here's where I'd little inspiration board:

Giraffe lamp- Jonathan Adler
Senegalese baskets- Serena & Lily
Letter lion print- Weedoodle
Shelf with Bla Bla dolls- Bla Bla Kids
Alphabet art- Bookhou
Cloud mobile- Leptitpapillon
Elephant pillow- Rikshaw Design
Bookends- Little Living
Dhurri rug- Anthropologie
Crib bedding- Rikshaw Design
French art print- The Interrupting Lion
Luca glider- Monte Design

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paper Cut

I stumbled upon this magnificence this afternoon and had to share. Julene Harrison is a very talented Designer & Illustrator from Britain, who specializes in hand-cut custom paper-cut artwork. Below are just a few examples of some of her work, but you can commission Julene to design the perfect Birthday, Valentine's or Wedding gift, and for all you newlyweds like myself - the first Anniversary gift JUST happens to be paper! Visit her website here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Soup for my soul...

So I've been a tad under the weather the last two weeks and I have spent a ton of time in bed and sipping on some chicken soup...catching up on what's going on in the world - besides Charlie Sheen - watching all the shows I've DVR'd and I've even been sketching and painting and brainstorming, coming up with some great ideas for my little Etsy card shop! I dream of having a little company where I can design my own cards all day long, and sell them in stores like Anthropologie....
Speaking of great little companies who sell cards in Anthropologie - have you met Mrs. Anna Bond??
One of my all time favorite illustrators, Mrs.Bond and her husband own Rifle Paper Co. located in Winter Park, Florida.

I would love to say that I am one of her biggest fans, because to date, I have purchased Halloween cards, Christmas cards & post cards, Thank you cards, Valentine's Day cards, and even recipe cards! But I am positive that this little company has a HUGE fanbase, especially now that her designs have started popping up in my favorite store.
I adore her folky and whimsical little creations, and I always save one card as a little keepsake for myself....

ANYwho, HERE is her wonderful website, and below I have included a few of her sweet new designs for Spring for all to enjoy.

Aren't they Fabulous!?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shop Terrain!

It's only Tuesday but it has been a crazy busy week thus far, so before I turn in for the night I HAD to share one of my most favorite online shops for home & garden goods. Shop Terrain.
If you haven't already heard of this delightful little shop/store, I will fill you in, because you have really been missing out!!!

Once you check out their online store, you might think to yourself, "this could be the Anthropologie for home and garden goods!" (If you're like me, that is, and OBSESSED with Anthropologie, Free people, Urban Outfitters...) And by-GEORGE YOU'RE RIGHT! Terrain is actually a sister to the chain of stores that are Anthropologie and etc., which makes for a very sweet shopping experience.

I actually came across Terrain while searching for decor for my wedding last year, and since then I've become a very frequent buyer. The lovely items pictured above are actually on my "Need really really bad" list right now, and while some (the chair and hutch) maybe be a tad out of my current price range, and lower on the must need list - I have a pretty good feeling that the Wood Grain Soup Bowls, Hickory Coaster Set, and Bird's Nest Placemats will be finding a home in MY home very very soon.....

Until next time, have a FABULOUS night!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Post!

As I wind down for the day, I cannot help but share an inspirational team of designers that I have admired for quite some time.

Since discovering O'brien & Muse, I have become OBSESSED with the fabulous interiors this duo creates. As a fellow VCU Interior Design Alum, it's exciting for me to come across such awesome talent like theirs - and in my own backyard!!! While these gals could be designing homes for the stars, they've actually set up shop right here in Richmond, VA!

They've been in business since 2004 and have been featured in numerous magazines like R-Home, and Virginia Living.

Please do yourself a favor and take a gander at their portfolio and you will see what I mean....

Until tomorrow -
Have a Fabulous night!!!