Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Soup for my soul...

So I've been a tad under the weather the last two weeks and I have spent a ton of time in bed and sipping on some chicken soup...catching up on what's going on in the world - besides Charlie Sheen - watching all the shows I've DVR'd and I've even been sketching and painting and brainstorming, coming up with some great ideas for my little Etsy card shop! I dream of having a little company where I can design my own cards all day long, and sell them in stores like Anthropologie....
Speaking of great little companies who sell cards in Anthropologie - have you met Mrs. Anna Bond??
One of my all time favorite illustrators, Mrs.Bond and her husband own Rifle Paper Co. located in Winter Park, Florida.

I would love to say that I am one of her biggest fans, because to date, I have purchased Halloween cards, Christmas cards & post cards, Thank you cards, Valentine's Day cards, and even recipe cards! But I am positive that this little company has a HUGE fanbase, especially now that her designs have started popping up in my favorite store.
I adore her folky and whimsical little creations, and I always save one card as a little keepsake for myself....

ANYwho, HERE is her wonderful website, and below I have included a few of her sweet new designs for Spring for all to enjoy.

Aren't they Fabulous!?

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  1. I too love Rifle and have had the pleasure of receiving those cute cards from you! :) I would die to have their custom portrait cards for my Christmas cards or their personalized stationary. Heelloooo!